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                                                                 SYMI - PANORMITIS

Symi is another Greek island only two hours duration on the boat from Rhodes island. Simi has one of the most impressive ports in the Greek islands, with elegant mansions constructed amphitheatrically on the slopes of a hill and offering breathtaking view to the sea from any spot. A promenade along the port is fabulous for a romantic evening. The beaches of the island are small but clean.An interesting sight is the Monastery of Panormitis, on the southern side of the island, famous for its mosaic floor, the Saint's icon and the museums.


                                                                MARMARIS - TURKEY

While you are in Greece you have the opportunity to visit another country in one hour boat trip. Marmaris  is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey, a beautiful small bay surrounded by pines hills, a sandy beach and pebbled alleys of the old town. In its original market/bazaar you will experience a typical eastern Mediterranean day among spices, Turkish delights, freshly ground coffee and herbal tea. While you are in Turkey - Marmaris you will meet friendly people, the nice weather is virtually guaranteed between May and as late as October and don't miss to taste their cuisine and delicious local wine.


                                                                  LINDOS BY BOAT

Another way to visit Lindos village is by boat.Daily lots of local boats leave Mandraki harbor in the morning and sail along the East Coast of the island.A fun-filled trip for those that love the sun and the sea.The boat visits several popular beautiful beaches for short stops on the way to Lindos.Visiting Lindos you will be impressed by its Acropolis of Athena Lindia on the top of the hill,the picturesgue paths and white small houses sit beautifully on the hill side.In the town center you will find out many amenities,including plenty of shopping opportunities and wonderfull restaurants.On the back side of the village there is the Saint Paul's beach where you can enjoy the sun.


                                                                   CHALKI ISLAND
Chalki is one of the Dodecanese island approximately one hour boat trip from Rhodes.Chalki is a pretty small island with colorful houses scattered around a picturesgue harbor and just perfect for those who want to spend a vacation away from the stress of modern living.Here you can dive in one of the most beautiful sea - bottoms of the Dodecanese area or take a boat to visit the small quiet beaches around the island for an unforgettable experience.


                                                                    SCUBA DIVING 

While visiting Rhodes you can discover the underwater world diving with our experienced team in diving for an unforgettable explore in the Aegean sea.With one - day mini diving courses offering a taste of what diving is all about.On the boat diving and on route to the diving site , professional instructors conduct diving theory sessions in various languages.The places that we visit are the most famous in Rhodes for diving.For those who do not want to dive and prefer to watch the diving programme , swim or sunbathe is available the snorkeling.

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